The most sensitive and flexible medium throughput MEA system for both acute and cultured applications.

MED Probe 16 (for Quad II System)

  • Hippocampal slice on the MED-PG515A
  • Hippocampal slice on the MED-PG5001A
Product Number
Electrode (Arrangement)
Array Size
Recording Electrodes
Reference Electrodes
Chamber Depth
      Size Spacing Type Spacing (d)  
MED-PG515A 16 (4×4) 0.5 x 0.5 mm 50×50 μm 150 μm E 14 mm 10 mm
MED-PG501A 16 (2×8) 0.25 x 1 mm 50×50 μm 150 μm E 14 mm 10 mm


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