3D cell culture imaging platforms: in vitro Drug-screening

3D cell culture imaging platforms

Versatile live cell imagers for HTS, discovery and development using  model systems including, immortalized cell lines, xenograft and patient derived cells

SCREEN Cell3iMagers are the fastest imaging systems equipped with bright field and/or fluorescent capabilities. Designed specifically to simplify and accelerate quantitative, qualitative measurement and morphological evaluation of cells in 2D format and 3D spheroids and organoids. These unique imaging systems allows the user to perform various low-medium to high throughput drug screening, in vitro toxicology assessment, multiparametric cell based assays, single cell cloning, neurite assays, identify and measure single or multiple spheroids cultured in various scaffolds and/or scaffold-free media rapidly and automatically, quantitate and monitor ex vivo cultures including neovasculature formation (angiogenesis studies). The companion 3D optimized software analysis tools allow fast image capture, measurement and data analysis. Additionally, we provide specialized software tool for neurite outgrowth quantification as a neurite plug in option. All our imagers are compatible with standard SBS plate formats. SCREEN also provides customized support for implementing non-standard labware such as, microfluidics and organo-on-chip devices for specialized applications. 

SCREEN offers range of technologies inluding, the basic Cell3iMager Neo (cc-3000), the dual purpose (2D & 3D; bright-field & fluorescence) Cell3iMager Duos (cc-8000) and DUOS 2 (cc-8300), Cell3imager ESTIER (cc-900). Our technology is being utilized for applications in various disease therapeutic inlcuding Oncology, stem cell research and regerative medicine. SCREEN lifeScience technology and research groups provide wide range of customised support to our researchers from academia / preclinical laboratories and biotech/pharma. Click on each imager for more information.

SCREEN has developed Deep Learning software analysis tool for various applications. Please refer to the Software page for more information. 

Cell3iMager Estier

Cell 3imager Estier is a versatile stage-top optical coherence tomography (OCT) instrument that allows non-invasive analysis of the 3D structures including spheroids, organoids, tubular structures and tissues etc. ESTIER imaging technology enables visualization of in vitro and ex vivo dynamics of the 3D structures (spheroids), angiogenic vessels (neovasculature, sprout formation), gut model, skin models conveniently, by quantitating and monitoring the morphological changes occurring during the culture.


Cell3iMager Duos 2

Cell 3imager DUOS 2 is capable of imaging both 3D as well as 2D cell cultures. The system comes with high resolution and high-speed scanning features with the possibility of integration with complete Robotics handling systems. The fluorescence capability of DUOS 2 platform enables multiparametric assays (2D and 3D) to observe changes at morphological, cellular, and molecular levels cultured in static / time lapse mode. SCREEN also provides support implementing customized plate formats, such as, microfluidics chips, organ-on-chips.


Cell3iMager Neo

Cell 3imager NEO is an inexpensive and high performance and fastest imaging system. In less than 2 minutes per plate, Neo can rapidly image and analyse 3D structures, such as mono / multicellular spheroids non-invasively. The companion 3D optimized analysis software allows fast image capture and data analysis including diameter, area, volume, and circularity of individual spheroids and colony measurements. Compatible with all SBS cell culture plates, microfluidics chips, organ-on-chips formats.


3D ex vivo imaging A high-throughput, high-resolution imager for multi-fluorescence imaging of 3D and 2D cultured cells.

SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. is one of world’s largest manufacturing company with numerous market leading products. SCREEN founded its Life Science branch ‘SCREEN-Biosciences & Pharmaceuticals’ to help biomedical research community in their quest to discover more effective therapeutic options for patients. SCREEN delivers a comprehensive portfolio of imaging devices and software solutions to support preclinical drug discovery and development studies. SCREEN’s translational imaging and image analysis solutions enables the researchers to image phenotypic changes in cells grown in either 2D or 3D culture settings, within a matter of minutes which could otherwise take weeks to perform. Building on a history that stretches back to its foundation in 1868, Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd. made a new start as SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. in October 2014. Over the past 148 years, our commitment to continuously meeting evolving needs has enabled us to grow into a global enterprise employing nearly 10,000 people worldwide. With its Cell3iMager series SCREEN provides simple, high-throughput, and non-invasive solutions specifically to simplify and accelerate quantitative and qualitative measurement of 3D spheroids and organoids.

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