Cell3iMager Estier  is a versatile stage-top optical coherence tomography (OCT) instrument that allows non-invasive analysis of the 3D structures including spheroids, organoids, tubular structures and tissues etc.

3D Live -Cell Imaging using Infra red laser Tomography

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Accelerate drug discovery, screening, profiling with high-content imaging

The infra read is able to penetrate through the spheroid as deep as 200 uM allowing the imaging of the core.

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Vasculature formation formation

Ideal for growth monitoring and quantifying the neovasculature, sprout formations in angiogenesis research and tumor angiogenesis.

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Kidney-like structure 3D

Estier technology is highly amenable to examining various structures including tissues. The technology is able to image the kidney tubules in great detail.

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3D Spheroid formation

Time lapse measurement captures the spheroid formation cultured over a period of hours and days.

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Drug treatment enhances spheroid collapse

Many drugs do not induce the shrinkage of tumor spheroids, but enhance their efficacy by inducing loss of spheroid shape or cause the collapse of spheroids post drug treatment. These events can be captured in time lapse to pin point effect.

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