SCREEN  develops new artificial intelligence software tool for complex data analysis

Scientists at SCREEN LIfeScience have developed Deep Learning tool for complex data analysis. This software can be applied for multiple applications providing robust quality control. The tool is being utilized by a number of our clients and collaborators in the field of cancer research for the morphological evaluation of cells grown in 2D monolayer formats as well as for the spheroids/organoids cultured under physiologically relevant 3D ex vivo conditions.  

Deep learning algorithm tool devised by SCREEN is being successfully applied to assess ductal and terminal end bud formation from tissues derived from preclinical models. Studies in peer reviewed journal have reported the implication of the ductal/terminal end bud formations and its role in breast cancer progression. 

Our Scientists are happy to support you for developing training data sets for your projects/studies and help implement the model files for subsequent data analaysis. 

Workflow – AI Cell recognition technology

Drag your image here
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Image Pixels loaded to machine(input)

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Segmented (by human eye) Image pixel loaded(output)

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Model created with random weights (happens once)

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Forward Propagation - Model makes a guess

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Back Propagation - Model learns from error (mistakes)

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Update Model Weights

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Load Test Image

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Apply the Model file

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Automatic Segmentation

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