The most sensitive medium throughput MEA system with multiple wells.

MED Multi-well Connector (MED-C11)

MED Multi-well Connector

The MED Connector holds and connects the MED Probe (MEA) to the amplifiers. Thanks to the MED Probe’s lowest-impedance electrodes the MED Connector holding the MED Probe is connected to the amplifier with 2m-long cable, that does not generate signal attenuation. This unique MED64 system configuration will provide the great flexibilities for your experiments.


  • Connector for the MED64-Allegro System.
  • Used for communication between the MED Multi-well Probe and the MED64 Head Amplifier.
  • No active onboard electrical circuitry; Connectors can safely be placed in a humidified environment (e.g. cell culture incubator).
  • Compact design.
  • Easy–to-load the MED Probe.


MED Multi-well Connector (MED-C11)
MED Probe securing mechanism Slide in
Material Aluminum, Gold plate for contact pins
Weight 700 g
Dimensions W210 x L83 x H34 (mm)


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