3D Cell Culture by using FCeM®

3D Cell Culture by using FCeM®


Multi spheroids cultured in FCeM-medium were quantified by using Cell3iMager duos.


Materials and Methods

  • Cell Line: HCT116 cells (RIKEN BRC)
  • Medium: FCeM® (Nissan Kagaku Kogyo)
  • Plate: 96-well plate flat bottom (Sumitomo Bakelite)
  • Seeding cell density: 0 - 2500 cells/well
  • Culture days: 6 days
  • Imaging methods: Bright field, Low magnification lens,
  • Bracket Focus (stacked)

Results and Conclusions

  • The increment of volume SUM depends on cell density. ('Volume' was calculated as; Optical Density x Area = pseudo volume)
  • You can quantify 3D- and suspension cultured cells.
Seeding Cell Number

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