Single Cell Cloning


Cell3iMager duos is very effective for cloning from single cell.

Materials and Methods

  • Cell Line: HCT116 cells (RIKEN BRC)
  • Medium: DMEM (Nacalai tesque)
  • Plate: 384-well plate flat bottom (Corning)
  • Seeding cell density: 0 - 100 cells/well
  • Culture days: 14 days
  • Imaging methods
    • Bright field
    • (Day 0) High magnification lens
    • (Day 7 and 14) Low magnification lens

Results and Conclusions

  • A well (ex. position 'O-17') could be confirmed that the colony derived from single cell.
  • Cell3 iMager duos is possible to detect between from 'single cell' to 'colony' .
  • Since it is a label-free analysis, the time-dependent change of same samples can be measure.

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