Deep Learning for cell classification


Jarkat cells induced cell death by Anti-Fas antibody were classified by Cell3iMager duos and Deep Learning.

Materials and Methods

  • Cell Lone: Jarkat cells (Nacalai)
  • Media:

    • RPMI1640 (Nacalai)

    • (10% FBS+50ng/ml 2-ME)

  • Reagent: Anti-Fas antibody (Medical & Biological laboratories)
  • Plate: 96 well-plate F-bottom (SUMITOMO)
  • Seeding cell density: 10,000 cells/well
  • Staining: Anexin V-FITC Apoptosis detection kit (Nacalai)
  • Culture days: 2 days
  • Imaging methods: High magnification lens

Results and Conclusions

  • Model files enable classification of cells. It is possible to calculate cell number and area for each cell
  • We can confirm the decrease of cell viability, depending on the concentration of Anti-Fas antibody. (Label free)


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