Cell Viability and Cytotoxicity Assay


Viability of anti-cancer drug treated cells is quantified by using Cell3iMager duos.

Materials and Methods

  • Cell Line: HCT116 cells (RIKEN BRC)
  • Medium: DMEM (Nacalai tesque)
  • Reagent: Cisplatin (Wako Pure Chemical Industries)
  • Plate: 96-well plate flat bottom (Sumitomo Bakelite)
  • Seeding cell density: 1000 cells/well
  • Drug treatment: 1 – 3 days
  • Imaging methods: Bright field, Low magnification lens

Results and Conclusions

  • These figures show that cisplatin treatment decreased viability  of cancer cells in a dose dependent manner.
    Viability was calculated by area of cells.
  • This imager can be an alternative method for conventional
    Viability/Cytotoxicity assays. (Correlation between ATP assay  and Cell3 iMager have already confirmed, data not shown. )
  • You can also quantify cell viability using fluorescence dyes such as Calcein-AM or PI.
Viability/Cytotoxicity assays

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