Analysis of microscope images


Microscopy images are possible to import into Cell3iMager duos.
These images can be also analyze and measurement using Cell3iMager software.

Fluorescence 3D imaging | Analysis of microscope images

Materials and Methods

  • Cell Line:
    • HCT116 cells (RIKEN BRC)/ MCF7 cells (RIKEN BRC)
    • iPS cells derived dopaminergic neuron
  • Medium: DMEM (Nacalai tesque)
  • Reagent:
[2D culture] Actin-stain 488 phalloidin (Cytoskelton)
  Cell Navigator Lysosome staining kit (AAT Bioquest)
  Hoechst 33342 (Nacalai tesque)
[3d culture]
Cisplatin (Wako)
  • Plate:
[2D culture] 96-well plate flat bottom (Sumitomo Bakelite)
[3D culture] 96-well plate U bottom (Sumitomo Bakelite)
  • Imaging methods: Axio Observer Z1 (ZEISS)
Fluorescence 3D imaging | Analysis of microscope images

Results and Conclusions

  •  By importing the image into Cell3iMager software, your microscopy images can be analyzed.

  •  It is possible to import and analyze both of bright field and fluorescence images.

  •  It is also possible to sell only Cell3iMager analysis software.

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