Colony-forming units assay


Cell3iMager neo is useful for 'colony formation assay' stained by crystal violet.

Materials and Methods

  • Cell Line: HCT116 cells (RIKEN BRC)
  • Medium: DMEM (Nacalai tesque)
  • Reagent: 1% Crystal violet (Wako)
  • Plate: 6-well plate f lat bottom (IWAKI)
  • Seeding cell density: 50 cells / well
  • Culture days: 14 days
  • Imaging methods: 4800 dpi

Results and Conclusions

  • It is possible to the quantification of colony formation assay using 'the area SUM', 'the number of colonies' and 'average diameter of colony' is easy.
  • The numerical data can be displayed as a heat map. It can be visually confirmed the difference between samples.    

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