A: Hippocampal slices cultured on the MED Probe (150μm inter-polar distance).

B: Field EPSPs evoked by Schaffer/Commissural stimulation were recorded in field CA1 before and after tetanic stimulation.

C: Summary graph showing the stability of LTP over several days. The amplitude of the fEPSP (calculated as a percentage of averaged baseline values; means ±S.E.M., n=8) , is shown for the control and potentiated pathways. Arrows indicate the time of tetanus stimulation.

D: LTP amplitude was averaged over a 10 min period at 1h, 24h, and 48h after tetanus stimulation, and was expressed as percentage of baseline values.

Shimono K et al., Neural Plasticity 2002, 9(4) 249-254
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