A: Human iPSC-derived cardiomycoytes plated and cultured on a MED Probe.

B: Field Potential Duration (FPD) analyzed with Mobius during acquisition. The left chart shows acquired signals. The right graph shows time course for waveform analysis. The duration from the first peak to the second peak (indicated with blue bar) is automatically measured and graphed. The administration of E4031 prolonged FPD in a dose-dependent manner.

C: Overlays of each dose. Administration of E4031 prolonged FPD in dose-dependent manner at 3-10 nM and elicited Early After Depolarization (EAD) at 30 nM.

D: Poincare plot for Short Term Variability (beat-to-beat variability) of the field potential duration. (STVFPD). Administration of E4031 increases the STVFPD in dose-dependent manner as well.

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