Cell3iMager Neo -  Tumor spheroids - High speed and bright-field 3D spheroid imaging system. Cell 3imager NEO is an inexpensive and high performance and fastest imaging system. In less than 2 minutes per plate, Neo can rapidly image and analyse 3D structures, such as mono / multicellular spheroids non-invasively.  The companion 3D optimized analysis software allows fast image capture and data analysis including diameter, area, volume, and circularity of individual spheroids and colony measurements. Compatible with all SBS cell culture plates, microfluidics chips, organ-on-chips formats.

High speed and bright-field 3D spheroid imaging system

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School of Pharmacy, Queen’s University of Belfast
“Our group primarily studies the therapeutic potential of novel drug/nanoparticle radiation interactions for cancer treatment. Studies in 3-dimentional cancer models – spheroids, provide a more accurate simulation of tumour growth than traditional 2D monolayer experiments. Previously, spheroid quantification has proven exceptionally time consuming and labour intensive. However, the SCREEN CellI3imager NEO has revolutionised our spheroid capabilities. The imager provides high-throughput geometrical measurements of area, optical density and pseudo volume, in less than 1 minute acquisition time for a 96 well plate. The imager also provides high quality publication standard images and exports all quantitative data in a simple to use Excel report. Recent updates to the software ensure smooth operation, and Hiroki and all the team at SCREEN could not be more helpful in regard to minor trouble shooting.”
Spring Point Project, New Richmond, WI
“We have used Cell3 iMager neo CC-3000 for two years, and have been very pleased with the ease of use and reliability of the hardware. The software meets our current requirements, and the support is always there when we need it. We look forward to continuing relationship with SCREEN’s development and support teams, and enhanced regulatory compliance capabilities of the software.”
Cell3iMager Neo
  High speed and bright-field 3D spheroid imaging system

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