Cell3iMager Neo -  Tumor spheroids - High speed and bright-field 3D spheroid imaging system. Cell 3imager NEO is an inexpensive and high performance and fastest imaging system. In less than 2 minutes per plate, Neo can rapidly image and analyse 3D structures, such as mono / multicellular spheroids non-invasively.  The companion 3D optimized analysis software allows fast image capture and data analysis including diameter, area, volume, and circularity of individual spheroids and colony measurements. Compatible with all SBS cell culture plates, microfluidics chips, organ-on-chips formats.

High speed and bright-field 3D spheroid imaging system

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Powerful 3D software handles routine and complex workflows. Fast, high-resolution bright field optics and image capture are only half of the Cell3iMager package. Scanning more plates faster means more data to analyze, and the Cell3iMager’s intelligent software provides the power needed to keep up. The software reports key spheroid growth and morphological parameters, including spheroid number, size, shape, and growth kinetics over time. Basic scanning setup parameters are included, and intelligent object identification settings can be customized and saved for repeated use to ensure accuracy and reproducibility within and between experiments. Growth curves and histograms are generated and can be copy/pasted directly, or raw data can be exported as CSV files for import into statistical and graphing software. Supports basic (single-time point) and time-course dose-response analysis, as well as a multi-planar (focus bracketing) scanning option to use with hydrogel-embedded spheroids 30+ adjustable parameters for optimizing object identification, live/dead discrimination (e.g., bubbles, fibers, debris), and compensate for edge of well shadows and distortion as well as reduction of background noise Identify and measure microtissues in single spheroid per well or multiple spheroid per well formats Software & Accessories The Cell3iMager spheroid analysis software allows processing of high magnification images of your 3D cell culture, including single or multiple spheroids, neurospheres, organoids, or embryoid bodies.

Cell3iMager Neo
  High speed and bright-field 3D spheroid imaging system

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