Cell3iMager Duos 2 - 2D cell culture

A high-throughput, high-resolution imager for multi-fluorescence imaging of 3D and 2D cell culture.

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2D Neurite outgrowth | 2D Cell Culture  | fluorescence 3D imaging
3D ex vivo imaging
Research field and applications
  • Oncology and regenerative medicine including Neurological and Cardiology applications
  • 2D based high throughput Drug Screening, profiling, efficacy and toxicological assessment for further development, Neurite outgrowth measurement
  • Cell based assays: Cell counting, clonal selection, proliferation, apoptosis and cell death measurement 
  • 3D based assays include quantification and analysis for organoids, tumor spheroids for drug discovery, development, profiling and efficacy measurement, toxicology assessment using 3D hepatotoxicity as an end point measurement
  • 3D neurosphere growth monitoring and neurite outgrowth assessment
in vitro Drug-screening
High-end model for both 2D and 3D culture analysis
  • Possible to observe laminar cells such as epithelial cells clearly at the same level as phase-contrast microscope
  • A high-throughput imager for a variety of applications such as single cell cloning, ESc, iPSc and organoids morphology analysis
  • Assessing Neurite outgrowth
  • Function enhancement by plug-in software for Neurite and Deep Learning tool
  • Automation systems (optional)
Bright-field imaging
Multi-fluorescence imaging / High-throughput
  • 1 minute to scanning and 30 seconds analyzing
  • Multi-fluorescence imaging and analysis available​(Optional)
2D Neurite Outgrowth | A neurite or neuronal process refers to any projection from the cell body of a neuron.

1. Multi-fluorescence imaging and analysis

  • Multi-fluorescence imaging and analysis
  • Bright field and 3 fluorescent colors are automatically and continuously imaged with the simultaneous loading of LED fluorescent filter ​
  • Line up of 5 types of fluorescent filters

2. Meniscus-less

Less meniscus and clear imaging even at the peripheral area

2D Cell Culture | Less meniscus and clear imaging even at the peripheral area

  • Unique hyper-centric and tele-centric optical systems enables a high-resolution imaging of whole well including the marginal area of well
  • Lens have 2 resolution which has 0.8um/pix and 4um/pix ​
  • Equipped with high accurate extraction algorithm even cells soon after seeing
  • High speed mode provide 60 sec/ 96 well plate and 70 sec/ 384 well plate

3. Deep Learning Plug-in (optional)


 Deep Learning | 2D cell culture |
  • Deep Learning to extract and quantify only grown organoids
  • High confluence and non-uniform images can be accurately extracted and measured using Deep Learning

4. Neurite elongation plug-in (optional)


2D cell culture | Neurite elongation plug-in
Cell body area sum and Neurite length
  • Multi-object analysis, such as neurite elongation, is provided as a plug-in software

5. 3D cellular imaging

2D cell culture | 3D cellular imaging
Reconstruction and Anylasis of 3D Cultured Cell Images


  • Equipped with a proprietary lens with a deep depth of field suitable for 3D cultured cell imaging and illumination
  • Z-stacking imaging and focus composition functions Compatible with F-bottom, V-bottom, U-bottom, various SBS formats and microwell plates as standard
  • Functional specialty plates such as plates for 3D culture, Corning® Elplasia® (Corning Japan) and EZSPHERE (AGC Techno Glass Co., Ltd.) are also available

6. Automation system

2D cell culture | automation system

  • Automation by connecting external devices such as plate stacker and incubator with a plate transfer robot
  • Automatically captures up to 200 images per day by robotization, streamlining a complicated workflow ​Specification
Product name (type)
Cell3iMager duos2 (CC-8300)
Brightfield / Color Brightfield / Fluorescent
Bright-field light source
White LED strobes
CMOS 4.2 megapixel color
Proprietary high-percentic optics (in high speed mode) / Proprietary telecentric optics (in high definition mode)
4.0um (in high speed mode) / 0.8um (in high definition mode)
Auto focus
HW: Laser type real time auto focus / SW: Image contrast software auto focus
Image output
24-bit color (8ーbit×3)
3 fluorescence wavelengths (select from 5 wavelengths)
Fluorescent filter Cube
DAPI, GFP, Cy3, Texas Red, Cy5
Internal temperature
Automatic adjustment to 35°C ±2°C (when device power is on)
Installation Environment
Room temperature 18-28°C, humidity 80% or less (no condensation)
Transport conditions
0-55°C and 80% humidity or less (no condensation) in the package
Culture Vessel
6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384 well plate (for almost all SBS compliant products ) / 35, 60,100mm dish / glass slides
Power supply
AC100-240V / 250VA
Dimensions & Weight
W677 x D580 x H550 mm / 111 kg
Dedicated Cell3iMager software (included as standard)
HP Z4 G4 workstation, OS: Windows 10

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Cell3iMager Duos 2
A high-throughput, high-resolution imager for multi-fluorescence imaging of 3D and 2D cultured cells.
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