Cell3iMager Estier

Cell3iMager Estier (cc-9000)

A bright field spheroid counter, ideal for label-free assays of 3D cells culture

Estier is a stage-top optical coherence tomography (OCT) instrument that allows non-invasive analysis of the 3D structures including spheroids, organoids, tubular structures etc. As OCT provides an advantageous platform to visualize the in vitro dynamics of the 3D spheroids conveniently, it can be used as an alternative visualization/monitoring method to obtain quantitative information about the morphological changes occur in 3D cell culture samples.

— A label-free, non-invasive 3D tomographic imaging tool to facilitate drug screening (up to 1 mm thick)

— Detects necrotic regions and quantifies volume, internal cavities, tubular structures etc., with impressive focus

— A cost-effective supplementary system to an existing imaging system


Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is already known as a versatile imaging method in the ophthalmological field, especially for examination of the retina. OCT uses low-coherence interferometry to produce a 2D cross-sectional image of optical scattering from internal tissue microstructures 3D images can then be constructed from these 2D images. OCT also allows imaging samples with a wide range of thickness (< 2 mm). OCT techniques, however, are unorthodox in the area of research and development because there are few accessible systems with stage-type implementation suitable for microplates and cell culture dishes. With Cell3iMager Estier SCREEN provides a solution to this problem.

Non-invasive deep tissue imaging

  • – Enable non-invasive detection of internal cavities and gapsin tissues (up to 1 mm thick)
  • – A 300 μm2 3D image can be acquired in 1 minute
  • – High-resolution (3 μm) and low resolution (10 μm) imaging optionswith accurate focus options

Easy operation

  • – User friendly work-flow
  • – No special training and expert techniques are required Sample differentiation
  • – Allows differentiation of sample’s by detecting the image contrast originating from variances in the sample’s physical density (refractive index (RI))

User friendly analysis software

  • – Dedicated software facilitates fast 3D data acquisition and image reconstruction
  • – Simple and straightforward user interface that require no extensive operational training or expertise

System compatibility

  • – Any standard cell cultureware such as micro well plates, petri dishes etc., can be used
  • – The system can be integrated into any existing work-flow;

No special labware or reagents are required

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Cell3iMager Estier specifications
Features – Non-invasive : Observable in culture with general consumable.
– Various samples : Available from “spheroid” to “biological tissue”.
Method SD-OCT
Resolution – High resolution : 3um
– Low resolution : 10um
Max. FOV – High resolution : 1×1mm
– Low resolution : 10×10mm (Wide F.O.V.)
Observation time (e.g.) One cross section : 0.5s~
3D construction :
High resolution 0.3×0.3×0.3mm/3um : 2min.
Low resolution 5.0×5.0×1.0mm/10um : 9min.
Display Analysis – Sectional image of any direction.
– 3D view image of any direction.
– Distance between arbitrary points.
– 2D sectional area / 3D volume.
Consumable SBS-micro well plate, Culture dish, etc.
(Various consumables can be used with adapter.)
Components – Main unit (W20×D20×H19 inch)
– Sub unit, spectrometer (W7×D18×H12 inch)
– PC(W7×D18×H17 inch) + mouse, key board, joy-stick

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