3D cell culture scanners

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3D cell culture scanners

Unique, non-invasive cellular analysis systems.

SCREEN Cell3iMagers are bright field scanners designed specifically to simplify and accelerate quantitative and qualitative measurement of 3D spheroids and organoids. These unique imaging systems allows the user to identify and measure single or multiple spheroids per well in a microplate rapidly and automatically. The companion 3D optimized analysis software allows faster image capture, measurement and data analysis, and is compatible with all major 3D cell culture platforms. To fit varying budgets and throughput needs, the imager is available in three models: the basic Cell3iMager Neo (cc-3000), the dual purpose (2D & 3D; bright-field & fluorescence) Cell3iMager Duos (cc-8000). Check each imagers for more information.

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Cell3iMager Estier

Estier is a stage-top optical coherence tomography (OCT) instrument that allows non-invasive analysis of the 3D structures including spheroids, organoids, tubular structures etc. As OCT provides an advantageous platform to visualize the in vitro dynamics of the 3D spheroids conveniently, it can be used as an alternative visualization/monitoring method to obtain quantitative information about the morphological changes occur in 3D cell culture samples.

Cell3iMager Neo

With the Cell3iMager Neo, SCREEN now offers the fastest spheroid-optimized bright field imager at a price every lab can afford. In less than 2 minutes per plate, Neo rapidly determines diameter, area, pseudo volume, and circularity of individual spheroids, non-invasively. The companion 3D optimized analysis software allows faster image capture, measurement and data analysis. Compatible with all major cell culture plates.

Cell3iMager Duos

Cell3iMager Duos is designed to overcome the throughput limitations as well as complexities of microscopy. Duos enables simple growth and morphological profiling to more complex analyses such as fluorescence imaging, Z-stacking/focus-bracketing, high-resolution image capturing, and long-term live cell imaging. With Duos you can escape speed and throughput limitations and can focus more on your data. Compatible with all major 2D & 3D cell culture platforms.

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